“2020 China Artificial Intelligence Business Landing Research Report”

On July 10, in the Cloud Summit – Future City Forum of the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Euromonitor released the “2020 China Artificial Intelligence Business Landing Research Report” to comprehensively interpret the development trend of China’s AI enterprises and the overview of the AI market. According to the report, since 2020, AI has entered a business-driven development stage, and the future development of AI enterprises will be more focused on the commercial application value of landing scenarios and the ability to solve the actual needs of the industry.

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Best 5G phones 2020: get the perfect 5G phone for you

Here at T3 we’re fully 5G-ready and this guide to the best 5G phones on the market is the only one you’re going to need: from the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to the Oppo Reno 5G and everything in between, we’ll talk you through the best 5G phones, the cheapest 5G deals, and the details of the 5G spec.

Just about every phone manufacturer out there is working on 5G right now, as CES 2020 has shown and the rest of 2020 will no doubt go on to prove, and you’ve now got a number of fantastic 5G phones to choose between – read on to find the best 5G phone on the market for you, whether you’re buying now or waiting until later.


Megvii makes deep learning AI framework open-source as China moves to reduce reliance on US platforms

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Megvii Technology announced on Wednesday that it would make its deep learning framework open-source, as China steps up the development of home-grown AI and makes the technologies more accessible.

Initially developed in 2014, MegEngine is part of Megvii’s proprietary AI platform, Brain++, which can train computer vision at large scale and enable developers across the world to build AI solutions for industrial and commercial use, according to the Beijing-based company.


Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in China

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