Megvii makes deep learning AI framework open-source as China moves to reduce reliance on US platforms

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Megvii Technology announced on Wednesday that it would make its deep learning framework open-source, as China steps up the development of home-grown AI and makes the technologies more accessible.

Initially developed in 2014, MegEngine is part of Megvii’s proprietary AI platform, Brain++, which can train computer vision at large scale and enable developers across the world to build AI solutions for industrial and commercial use, according to the Beijing-based company.

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in China

Market insight to guide business buying decisions is limited and often unorganized.

Advertorials, paid endorsements, and sponsored posts make finding credible and accessible market research difficult.

Data, case studies, and client testimonials guide you through the process of choosing a business service or solution. But where can you find these resources, all in one place?

10 key countries for accounting careers

Where in the world can you find the warmest welcome for accountancy skills? Amy Duff takes a look

As economies such as China, India and the Middle East grow, so too does the demand for qualified accountants. Tougher trading climates also make the financial insight provided by chartered accountants even more valuable. As the adoption and updating of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) gathers speed, qualified accountants will be needed in increasing numbers to help organisations interpret and apply these complex standards. ICAEW’s ACA qualification is recognized in 170 countries in the world. So if you’re contemplating broadening your horizons and working in pastures new, here are 10 to whet your whistle.

6 SaaS Trends to Look Out for In 2020

Over the past few years, there has been a massive growth in availing the SaaS Development Services, as it has become a feasible choice for businesses that look for convenience and flexibility of software solutions and cloud-based data analysis tools so that they can eliminate the need of installing and running applications on their computer system and data centers. And considering a number of factors like larger bandwidth, faster connections, global digitalization tendencies, and improvement in data processing, we don’t think this growth will stop any time soon.


Enterprises primarily rely on the two domains — artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in order to build and deploy various kinds of models for the smooth operation of their business. However, it requires programmers or data scientists with adequate knowledge of coding, which enterprises often lack. In a bid to ease such woes of the enterprises, tech giants are now open-sourcing their platforms and providing developer tools to ensure businesses can match the ongoing pace without the need for a coding expert. 

Montreal AI Ethics Institute

Our mission is to help define humanity’s place in a world increasingly characterized and driven by algorithms. We do this by creating tangible and applied technical and policy research in the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. Our unique advantage in Montreal is that we are situated globally at the leading edge of technical research while leveraging strong Canadian values of diversity and inclusion.

“Treating AI as inherently good overlooks the important research and development needed for ethical, safe and inclusive applications. Poor data, inexplicable code or rushed deployment can easily lead to AI systems that are not worth celebrating.” – Abhishek Gupta, World Economic Forum.

How many engineers does it take to fix a lightbulb — Optimizing Incident Response


How many engineers does it take to replace a lightbulb? This satirical hypothetical will be used to demonstrate how businesses can optimize their incident response for mission critical tasks.

We’re often found workplace situations that require us to work with others to solve time-sensitive, business-critical, and customer facing issues. Whether a software developer trying to resolve a down website for a eCommerce website or first responders responding to a wildfire incident, time is money (and sometimes human life), thus the quicker the issue is resolved, the happier and sometimes safer your customers will be.

Worldwide Rental Price Index

This is a list of 540 cities, grouped by average monthly apartment cost, from Granada, Spain & Phuket, Thailand (avg. rent $450) to Akron, Ohio & Taipei, Taiwan ($650), to my favorite, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Seattle, WA ($1950).

The reason we didn’t select a map-based chart is because the visuals of a map draw your eye to a location first and then to contrasts in colors. For this dataset, it’s interesting to see cities grouped together that you wouldn’t otherwise associate, based on similar rent levels. We were skeptical you could accomplish this with a map, so instead we showed geographic associations by color-coding regions. We also think there are lots of interesting stuff happening in the way the regions are distributed: Asia totally dominates the lower tiers, Europe is incredibly diverse, and South America is surprisingly (or not) clustered together.